What is Kinesiology?

The premise of kinesiology is that all stress, body imbalances and blockages in the nervous system can be detected by testing the tension in specific muscles.

It has been found that all muscles in the body are connected to different internal organs, endocrine glands, specific nutrition, thoughts and feelings, and other parts of the body’s electrical system. Sho Tai testing is used to detect various imbalances in the body that might lie behind many physical, mental and emotional problems.

How Kinesiology Works

The brain and the body’s electrical system can sense the things that are energetically harmonious within it, beneficial, and responds to other things that cause it “stress” as a “weakening” effect. The result is then either a strong or weakened physical response to the issue or physical challenge.

The brain uses muscles as switches or indicators. For example, to bend your arm, the brain turns one muscle on and another muscle off, and it’s all done subconsciously.

The muscles in your body are electrically connected to the neurology in your brain via the spinal chord. So, when we do Sho Tai, we are actually testing brain response, rather than strength, via the muscle.