Myth #1: Sho-Tai is quackery, it’s not real,
or it’s voodoo, magic or witchcraft.

The Truth: As with anything new, the first possibility
seems to be something magical or otherworldly.
Resistance to change is integral in our makeup. Consider Galileo’s trials trying to prove the earth revolved around the sun, and Columbus’s problems proving the world was round. Sho-Tai is no different. It’s still relatively new in North America, but not on other continents. The Chinese and Europeans have used natural solutions and other forms of testing to assist ailments in the body for centuries (for example: acupuncture, herbal medicine).

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology uses minute magnetic fields emanating from the body, and is already considered absolute proof of the existence of frequencies that are not visible to the human eye. Kirlian Photography also shows the existence of frequencies emanating from the body that aren’t visible to the human eye. So it is with Sho-Tai — Sho-Tai testing picks up on these same frequencies.

As most of you already know, the body and particularly, the brain, run on an electro-chemical basis. This means that every thought, work and action has an electro-magnetic frequency. This is why you can actually communicate with your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and actions — they too are translated into frequencies. In truth, applied kinesiology (muscle testing) is using the frequencies by means of the muscles. Since we are testing frequencies, the foods and supplements we usually test are being tested as a frequency. There is nothing magical about it.

Myth #2: You can’t depend on the results.
They change too frequently.

Truth: Testing results will change for better or worse,
depending on what the client is doing.
If the client is following the recommended routine, they are changing for the better. The same is true if the person chooses to ignore the results, changes will also occur, but for the worse. Doing nothing is probably the worst thing anyone can do. If you felt healthy, you wouldn’t be wondering why you feel the way you do and reading this information. Everything happens for a reason.

Simple things like taking herbs, supplements, changing your diet, getting adjustments or therapeutic remedies or even resolving emotional issues, will change the test results. The answers the body produces depend on the type of questions asked by the sho tai practitioner.

Myth#3: Taking herbs is a waste of time.
They don’t work.

Truth: Herbs aren’t a waste of time. You already
use them everyday. Herbs come from food and plant
sources, and there are three basic categories of these.

The first type come from every day sources such as fruits, vegetables, garlic, etc (grocery store products).

The second type are sources used to deal with minor irritations, such as a cold, the flu, a sprain or a misaligned body structure. These include taking vitamins, using camphor/peppermint on inflamed tissues, using Echinacea, eating probiotics (health store products), or seeing a chiropractor.

The third kind are the therapeutic products a person takes for deficiencies or abnormalities within the body, such as bowel concerns, cardiovascular issues, abnormal growths, formation of acids, etc. These are specialized herbs used to address a specific concern such as paw-paw, dandelion, psyllium, lobelia, etc. (Sho Tai practitioner recommendations)

Rather than do-it-yourself (which can be trial and error), you work with a
Sho-Tai Practitioner to understand exactly what needs to be addressed,
and which solutions will best suit your system.