Other Holistic Services
available by
appointment only

From time to time holistic
practitioners will offer their
modalities in the Basic Health office.

As these become available,
information will be added
to this section.

Contact us for more details.
Basic Health provides a variety consultation services.

Full Test
A full test is required at a client’s initial appointment. It takes approximately one hour and consists of iridology, reading the tongue and a Sho-Tai analysis of approximately 300 electrical points of the body. During this test the practitioner is looking for root causes, not symptoms. When a root cause is found, it is checked to determine the percentage of deficiency present. At this appointment any needed food restrictions/additions, supplements and therapeutic modalities are identified, as well as how long the routine is to be followed. A full test usually needs to be performed again at the 4-12 month mark to assess progress.

Quick Check
These are half hour appointments. Quick checks occur between full test appointments, to rebalance the client’s herbal routine while the body is going through a series of changes. Changes will naturally occur as a result of following (or not following) the routine. A quick check consists of testing for changes in the food restrictions/additions, supplements and therapeutic modalities and the duration.

Quick Question Appointments
These are available only to regular clients, and are 10-15 minute appointments, used to address specific issues that have come up when a client is already on a routine. Quick Question Appointments are recommended by the practitioner when it becomes apparent that the client needs more than a conversation on the phone to resolve a concern or question they have. For example: new symptoms following a cleansing, discussing a change that the client has noticed, or sudden illness (such as flu like symptoms).

Phone Calls and Emails
There are no charges for these services. Clients are encouraged to use these methods when they need clarification on some aspect of their routine or notice a change they want to have explained.